Hidden Under The Bed Toy Storage

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Photo courtesy of gltc.co.uk,

(Make Your Own Storage Train Table Like The Blog Cook You Some Noodles.

They used a spare desk top and felt)

Oak Front Platform Bed Storage Drawers $89 on Amazon- 2 […]

How to Make Your Kids Organized Through Room Decorations

Jen of I Heart Organizing put together two Ikea expedits bookshelves to create a corner storage piece. She used an upholstered cushion for seating as well, and the shelving holds ten storage baskets — enough to hold a playroom full of toys.

Kids and toddlers need a lot more attention to build their […]

Cute and Cheap Ways To Quickly Redecorate Your Kids Bedroom

As your children grow up and get older they easily and quickly grow out of their toys, clothes and even their bedrooms. Your little princess may love Pink on her tenth birth – but by her twelfth birthday she prefers green! We always want to keep our children happy too – and it’s so […]

Chalkboard Paint: Kids Room Decor Ideas

It is not uncommon for young children to scribble through a stack of papers which are then tossed out because they don’t want to reuse them for another drawing. It is easy to go through several hundred dollars on paper when children are younger. Children at a young age usually scribble compared to older children […]