Easy Steps To Organized Kids Room Designs

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House Beautiful July 2012


Guest Post Edna Thomson

Do you feel like no matter what you do the room of your kids is always a mess? There is no need to blame yourself or your little ones for the disorder because the problem […]

Hidden Under The Bed Toy Storage

Photo courtesy of gltc.co.uk,

(Make Your Own Storage Train Table Like The Blog Cook You Some Noodles.

They used a spare desk top and felt)

Oak Front Platform Bed Storage Drawers $89 on Amazon- 2 Drawers here

Toy Storage Playroom Ideas: 26 Ways To Organize Your Kids Room With Shoe Boxes

The Frog chair in the dressing room of a Loudonville, New York, home is by Michael Taylor Designs and is upholstered in a Gretchen Bellinger fabric; the boxes on the custom-made shelves hold shoes and hats. – ELLE DECOR

The idea of organizing with shoe boxes may sound silly at first, but […]

Toy Storage

Are you so sick of the kids toys making their way into the living room, dining room and kitchen that you have finally just had enough? If only they could be out of sight and out of mind. Kids toys can be so tiny, that a room can easily look very cluttered because of the […]