Toy Storage

Are you so sick of the kids toys making their way into the living room, dining room and kitchen that you have finally just had enoughIf only they could be out of sight and out of mind.  Kids toys can be so tiny, that a room can easily look very cluttered because of the sheer amount of pieces that often make up various toy sets.  If the toys are not organized, they become a mess quickly leaving many parents at their wits end with the endless toys laying around.  Your money doesn't do any good when the toys all become jumbled together, and all the little parts to the lego sets, and the barbie houses gets lost, and forgotten about.  After all, toys are certainly not cheap!  Ikea has a bookcase that could do wonders for your kids room decor, not to mention organizing their endless toys.  The beauty of this bookcase, is it is a vertical toy box taking up NO room, and features dozens of pull out drawers for your children to learn that each of their toys have a special space.  The bookshelf is almost like a built in cabinet, as the pull out baskets disguise the toys making your child's area look clean and organized.  This bookcase can save your home from being a giant play room, and put the toys back into the kids room where they belong.

The bookcase is called the Expedit bookcase, and is organized in cubes of 4 or 5 across by 5 cubes high.  The beauty of this bookcase is you can buy matching wicker cubed baskets which fit into the slots of the bookcase.  The bookcase works like a large dresser.  If you are like me, you like the built in look of bookcases, and fortunately, Ikea also sells the extension to this bookcase, which allows you to stack an extra shelf on the top of this bookcase.  The overall look will look like a bookcase that runs from the floor to ceiling.

Although your children may not be able to reach up to the very top of the bookcase, the wicker baskets can easily be exchanged.  If they decide they want to play with their trains for that week those baskets can be exhanged out and arranged to the bottom shelf.   This bookshelf is a must buy for any parent who wants to organize the toys to be in their children's room.  The beauty of this bookshelf is it takes up NO room, compared to toy boxes which don't utilize the wall space and the unused space towards the ceiling. Toys can be arranged along the wall, instead of toys boxes in the basement which can take up endless space.  For a cohesive look, the baskets can be painted one coordinating color, and labeled nicely for the kids to easily access their toys.

(These pictures show how well the baskets work.  These bookcases without the baskets look very disorganized.  Check out Heather Ann Melzers beautiful job of organizing her workspace.  Her labeling is very professional)

We were given some ikea up right cabinets, which we turned over on its side and made into magazine bookcases.  Now that I know I can buy the Expedit Shelving Unit, I can add to my bookcase vertically.  I have plenty more magazines to add.  The beauty of this case is I can add brass hardware which I can then label the year and name of my magazines and hammer it below the magazines on the wood.

If you do decide to paint your ikea bookshelves, learn from my mistake and buy the right primer.  I had painted over 10 bookshelves only to have them peel, and after all the work, we got rid of them.  I have found that Cover Stain OIL Primer is the ONLY primer that works on compressed wood, and melamine.  The primer is an oil based primer, so be sure to wear a mask when you apply it.  THE BEST thing about this primer is it can be tinted to almost any light color.  Tint it a mint green, or the color of your child's walls, to make it look like it is part of the wall.

How to use this paint- Use a wood based natural chip brush works well with this paint.  This is about the only brush that will work with this kind of paint.  You don't want to use a brush with plastic bristles.  Personally, I find if I even my strokes out with a foam brush after, it evens out the finish, giving you a better look.  You may have to do two coats when you even out your stokes, but it is well worth the nicer finish.   After 2 days of drying, this paint can easily be distressed with a sander.  It is by far the best paint I have tried.  Again, it is very very important to wear a mask when you paint, and sand with this paint because it can be very toxic.  The paint dries very fast, but cures over night.  I find that if I sand the next day, it does sand, but not easily.  If you wait 2 days, it sands quite nicely.  We hope this helps with your toy storage in your kids room.

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