Vintage Art Deco Prints For Your Kids Room Decor

For those parents who crave to add color and a bit of whimsy to their child's room but don't consider painting the walls the solution, why not consider adding the color and pop in the art on the wall? If you landed on our site, you are looking for some unique ideas for your child's room, so why not go for something extraordinary and eccentric than your typical run-of-the-mill children's decor.

Today there is a wide variety of art to pick from that making the right choice could inspire your child to develop a wide variety of skills simply from what they see on their walls on a daily basis.Children's art work should encourage humor and stir up the playful side that youth and childhood should bring forth.

The vintage posters of the art deco era are the perfect choice of art for a child's room and came about as new products and industries opened up needing smart and attractive marketing.  Posters used in advertising became popular in the 1920's featuring bright hand painted ads which were mass produced with printing techniques.  Common ads included provocative women promoting tobacco and alcohol.  In 30's, attractive women were combined with advertising cigarettes, alcohol and coffee to make it seem more chic which sold more products.  Advertising prints were also concentrated in advertising for the new motion picture industry, as well as vacation resorts and travel.  Even though most of the popular art deco prints wouldn't be appropriate for a children's room because of their seductive nature, there STILL are so many beautiful vintage selections to pick from.  Vintage cars, locomotives and sports prints could be perfect for a boys room, while vintage prints of elegant ladies or animals could be perfect in a girls room.  Choosing a vintage print is an unpredictable choice which most people wouldn't think about putting into a childs room, yet it is a perfect choice because it encourages daydreaming and aspiring to great dreams and goals.   Today these vintage prints are still as attractive today as they were in the past.  Check out some of our favorites:

Perfect Prints for A Girls room:
L'Hiver A Monte-Carlo, Martini and Rossi Styles
Autumn Fuchsia, Viva Italia

Pug Orange Juice Art Poster Print by Ken Bailey Kids Room Decor

Pug Orange Juice Art Poster Print by Ken Bailey

Charming Vintage Childrens Prints ~ Kids Room Decor Ideas

Perfect Prints For A Boys Room:

24 Heures du Le Mans, Canadian Pacific Train Art Poster
Canadian Pacific Train, Art Print, New York Central System
Mercedes Benz Styles, Euroair France Art, Zermatt Poster Print
Ete Hiver Chamonix Mont-Blanc>, Grand Prix Monaco 1958 Poster

The Good Life by Ken Bailey

Bull Terrier Brand by Ken Bailey Poster Kids Room Decor

Bull Terrier Brand by Ken Bailey

Vintage Ken Bailey Dog Print ~ Kids Room Decor

Black Dog Licorice by Ken Bailey

Vintage Johanna Kriesel Print For Your Kids Room Decor

Chocolate au Lait Cuisine Art Poster Print by Johanna Kriesel, 16x20Holiday by Johanna Kriesel, 16x20

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