Want to Spruce Up your Dorm Room Or Apartment? 4 Advantages Of The Swivel Tower

Finding furniture for dorm rooms or other small spaces like urban apartments and studios is way more difficult than it first seems. While you may think it’s an asset not having that much space—after all, how hard can it be to fill up a small room with some furniture—the lack of space means you have to make more choices. Each piece must be a marriage of both style and substance.  One of my favorite pieces of furniture I've ever owned was the Turner Swivel Tower available at World Market. Though this was the piece I settled on, there are many other versions that are similar. Here are some specific advantages of the swivel tower for the dorm- or apartment-dweller.

1. Great for storage.

Storage in college or when you're a young adult is absolutely key. You probably have lots of stuff that's accumulated over the years, stuff that you don't necessary want to toss out completely but you don't want lying all over the place either. The swivel tower enabled me to store sweaters, jewelry, shoes, and other knick-knacks that I could hide from view when I wanted to, then just swivel around and access when I need these items.

2. Full length mirror lets you prep for that next party or date!

I love full-length mirrors, and, let's be honest, who doesn't? Unfortunately, when you're strapped for space, sometimes a full-length anything is hard to justify. For many years I settled for an almost-full length mirror that would cut off at about my knees, unless I stepped several feet back. With this mirror, at six feet high, it'll fit the needs of most women, and even some men.

3. Stylish and trendy-looking.

No matter how useful a given piece of furniture is, I don't let it enter my little home if it doesn't look good. There's just something to be said of having each room in your home be focused on beauty. Personally, the minimalistic, clean, somewhat old-world look of the Turner Swivel Tower matched my aesthetic perfectly. This aesthetic is pretty versatile and goes well in most homes, even if your décor is radically different.

4. Great for last minute de-cluttering.

I'm at heart very scatter-brained and disorganized. I've tried to change, but sometimes my habits get the better of me. When you have company coming over suddenly, I've found that the shelves in this piece of furniture are great for stuffing things in and swiveling it around to the mirror for instant de-cluttering. It saved me embarrassment many times when friends, my boyfriend, or my parents suddenly decided to pop in.

Of course, the tower I've noted might not be for everyone, but it's nothing short of changed my life. What favorite pieces of furniture have changed yours?




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