Best Trampoline for Adults in 2020

Adults can use a trampoline as well. In fact, it is recommended that trampolines are used by adults for exercise. This is a great form of exercise for cardiovascular disease prevention and to become fit and healthy in general. 

To purchase the best trampoline for adults, you need to make sure that you know what to look for and what to consider when you are purchasing your first one. Considering these things, it will just make it easier for you to purchase something that will be worth the money you paid. 

Some of the Best Trampolines for Adults to Purchase

best small trampoline for adults

These are some of the best trampolines that you can purchase for adults. Trampolines that will be safe, secure and large enough for adults and families. You won’t go wrong when purchasing one of these trampolines.

  1. Skywalker 15-Foot Trampoline
  2. MERAX 14FT Trampoline
  3. Upper Bounce Trampoline
  4. Skywalker Rectangle
  5. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport

Different Shape Trampolines That You Can Purchase

One of the first things that you need to make sure about when buying a trampoline for adults, is the shape of the trampoline. Many people think that you can only buy a round trampoline because this is the only shape that one can find.

However, you can purchase the rectangle trampoline or the oval trampoline as well. They have their own benefits. The shape will depend on the type of trampoline you want. For example, the rectangle trampoline has more spring to it, and professional gymnasts are using it to practice at home. The oval ones take up less space in your back yard. 

The Available Space That You Have in Your Backyard

best indoor trampoline for adults

You don’t want to make the same mistake as so many other people. Purchasing a large trampoline without considering the space that they have available. You need to consider the size of the trampoline and the backyard space before you can consider purchasing the trampoline. Luckily there are different size trampolines that you can purchase when you don’t have lots of yard space available. 

The last thing that you want to do, is that you are going to purchase something that won’t be able to fit into your yard. Then, you have just wasted your money. 

The Quality of the Material and Total Weight Limit

Because there are many people getting injured on trampolines, there is one thing that you need to make sure about before you are purchasing the best trampoline for adults. You need to make sure about the quality of the material. It needs to be a high-quality material that will be durable and long-lasting. Ensuring that it will be weatherproof as well.

The other thing that you need to know is the total weight limit that the trampoline can handle. This is really important because you can’t use the trampoline if it won’t be able to handle your weight. The more the weight limit is the better and longer the trampoline will last. 

Added Features to the Trampoline

best exercise trampoline for adults

This is something extra that you can look for when purchasing the trampoline for adults. Some trampolines come with added features like the net that is included with the trampoline, the handlebars or other bonus features that are making using the trampoline a lot more fun and safer. 

This is also going to ensure that you are getting better value for money. The more features the trampoline has, the more things you will be able to do on the trampoline. Things like a ladder, net at the top of the trampoline and the handlebars are great added features that you can enjoy with a trampoline. 

The Price That You Are Going to Pay for the Trampoline Versus Your Budget

The last thing that you need to look at, is the price for the trampoline. The more expensive the trampoline, the higher the quality the trampoline will be. However, you should make sure that you consider your budget as well. 

Even, if this isn’t recommended that you don’t purchase the cheapest trampoline for adults that you can find, there are some trampolines that aren’t expensive at all, that are still a great quality trampoline that will provide you with fun and safety.

You just need to make sure that you know what to look for when you are purchasing the cheaper versions. With this guide, you will be able to purchase the best trampoline for adults. Making sure that you are considering everything and making sure that you are going to get value for money.

There are many things that you need to consider, but these are the most important things to look for. Just remember that the weight limit, size of the trampoline and the safety features is essential with any trampoline that you are buying.

Now, you and your family can have as much fun as possible, with a trampoline that will last a while.

At What Age Do German Shepherds Stop Growing

About German Shepherds

at what age does german shepherd stop growing

To know at what age, do German Shepherds stop growing we should monitor their diet and exercise. As this is a large dog breed, they tend to develop hip dysplasia and other problems of joints and skeleton. Exercise and a healthy diet rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc., should keep your puppy healthy and strong.  

To help them grow well, get to know them. Alsatian Wolf Dogs or German Shepherds are large-sized dogs that originated in Germany. As the name suggests they are Shepherd dogs that integrate well on the farm and family.

They are obedient, smart, intelligent, curious, watchful, confident, courageous and alert. They are the most popular and preferred dogs as per dog registration records. They also have a good life expectancy of 9 to 13 years. This makes them excellent companions.

Their coat may be black, black and tan, red and black, sable, black and grey or grey. The male gains a height of 60 to 65 cm while the female maybe 55- 60 cm. The male typically weighs 30 – 40 Kg while the female gains up to 22 – 32 Kg.

How to Help Your German Shephard Grow Healthy?

at what age will a german shepherd stop growing

These good groups in your dog’s diet will help it grow to its fullest size and maturity. 

Proteins help in the growth and development of cells. And these are the building blocks of their bodies. Some good sources of proteins are meat, poultry, fish, and dairy.

Carbohydrates give energy to your pooch to bound around with exuberance. They are the fuel for the body and give energy. A good source is grains, cereals, vegetables, potatoes, etc.

Fibers help in the proper movement of bowels. They help prevent constipation and decrease the risk of canine diabetes and maintain cholesterol. Some good sources are legumes, fresh fruits, dried fruits, whole grains, etc. 

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your dog. 

Calcium helps develop strong bones and teeth. It helps in the proper musculoskeletal growth and regulates the nervous system. Dogs get their calcium from raw bones, fish, vegetables and dairy products.  

Iron is the main constituent of hemoglobin that oxygenates the body. It prevents anemia and fatigue. Green leafy vegetables, meat, poultry, fish beans, etc. are a rich source of this element.

Phosphorus combines with calcium to make healthy bones. It also helps in build cell membranes and the proper function of nucleic acids. The ATP molecules that fuel your German Shepherd also contain phosphorus. It aids the coagulation of blood and the smooth functioning of the nervous system. Phosphorus comes from protein sources such as meat and dairy products. 

Sodium helps regulate the fluids outside and inside the cells. This osmoregulation helps maintain and improve the function of the cells comprising the organs and organ systems. Dairy, fruits, grains, vegetables are an excellent source of sodium. 

Magnesium helps absorb calcium that strengthens the bones. Seafood and vegetables carry magnesium that is the central element of chlorophyll. 

Vitamin A and E are powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system. These antioxidants protect the surface of the eye, boost the immune system, fight aging, etc. Leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, carrots are excellent sources of Vitamin E. Liver, eggs, yellow fruits vegetables are a rich source of beta-carotene or vitamin A. 

Vitamin D is essential for good bones, teeth and a rich coat of fur. Beef liver, fatty fish, eggs, etc. are a rich source of this vitamin.

Vitamin C reduces the risk of colds and infections. It quickens the healing of wounds, keeps the skin, fur, muscles, and gums healthy. It is an antioxidant and aids brain function. Fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, citrus fruits, etc. are good sources of Vitamin C. 

Growth Milestones of German Shepherds

at what age does a female german shepherd stop growing

To learn at what age do German Shepherds stop growing; monitor the growth of your German Shepherd. Keep a German Shepherd Growth Chart to monitor the height and weight of your puppy.

The Neonatal period is between birth to 3 weeks. The socialization period is between 3 – 12 weeks. The Juvenile period is between 3 – 6 months. The Sexual maturity period is between 6 – 16 months. The transition to Adulthood is between 16 – 36 months. 

The length versus height ratio of a healthy German Shepherd is 10:8.5. This means if the length is 26 inches or 66.04 cm then the height should be 22 inches or 55.88 cm. 

Therefore, in conclusion, at what age do German Shepherds stop growing? On average, German Shepherds reach physical maturity around 18 – 24 months, i.e., 1.5 to 2 years. It is observed that the Eastern European lines mature slower than their cousins elsewhere on the globe. They attain full maturity around 36 months.

The growth rate of most breeds of German Shepherds such as the Saddle coat, the Black German Shepherd, the Sable German Shepherd, the Panda German Shepherd, and White German Shepherd slows down when they reach six months and continues till 12 months.

Thereafter they grow steadily until 2.5 years when it is gained full size and sexual maturity.

Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies

cat food allergies

An allergy is a reaction of an organism’s immune system to a foreign substance. The organism’s body produces a hypersensitive reaction when the substance enters or comes in contact with its body. The substance causing the allergy is called an allergen. It may be pollen, food, pet dander, mites, dust, certain chemicals, etc. 

Animals such as horses, dogs, and cats develop allergies. There are three categories of allergies for animals – fleas, food and the environment. The best dry cat food for allergies avert these hypersensitive reactions easing your kitties and your life. 

Protect Your Cats from Allergies

Like every living organism, your cat is susceptible to certain substances. The cat’s body produces certain symptoms while it is trying to get rid of those allergens. These symptoms may manifest as allergic dermatitis, sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea, inflamed throat, paw chewing, swollen or over-sensitive paws, etc. You can protect your cat from these three categories of allergies. 

Flea allergies due to fleas and flea-control products. 

Environmental allergies produce atopic dermatitis. Substances like colognes and perfumes, prescription drugs, household cleaning products, cat litters, etc. As your cat ranges around the neighbourhood it will be exposed to mold, plants, grass, pollen and other organic substances, too. 

Food allergies due to certain proteins, dairy, corn, fillers, etc. The best dry cat food for allergies ensures that your pet does not have to suffer. 

The Benefit of the Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies

cat food allergies symptoms

Hypoallergenic dry cat foods are made of hydrolyzed proteins. Hydrolyzed proteins are partially broken down for the cat to digest easily. These hydrolyzed proteins do not produce an allergic reaction as the cat’s immune system does not recognize the protein. 

Immune responses are evoked when a protein’s binding site combines with the immuno-receptor sites. This receptor site on the cat’s WBCs may recognize this as a foreign protein or substance to trigger an allergic reaction. 

When cooked or treated with hydrolytic enzymes these binding sites are destroyed and the large molecule is broken down to easily digestible molecules of amino acids. Thus, there is no allergic response.

Who Should Buy Dry Cat Food for Allergies?

The best dry cat food for allergies is hypoallergenic. These may cost more than the regular cat food this is because the manufacturers have to process the food to eliminate the allergens. 

It is good to know about the best dry cat food for allergies as your kitty may suddenly develop symptoms. These symptoms develop due to exposure to certain conditions. You should remove these conditions and feed the cat a hypoallergenic diet to ease the discomfort. 

Some pet parents chose to feed their cats the best dry cat food for allergies to avoid exposure to these allergens. As cats are Obligate Carnivores, i.e., their food should contain meat. The prime ingredient in cat food should be meat. 

It may be a duck, turkey, white fish, etc. The other ingredients may be omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, eggs, whole foods such as flaxseed, carrots, peas, etc. The food does not contain fillers, grains, or other dairy products.

Important Features on Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies

pet food allergies cats

When picking cat food consider these factors.

Dry foods are not messy. You can store them anywhere and serve them anywhere. But if you using dry cat food ensure your cat remains hydrated. If it is dehydrated health issues with the urinary tract – a common feline health issue – may crop up.

Felines Preference – Keep your cat’s preference in mind. As the cat’s natural food is moist. Your pet may not want dry food. Natural food meets its nutritional needs while keeping it hydrated. You could use dry food as a supplement for the cat to chew on.

Ingredients – Some ingredients may trigger an adverse immune response in some cats while not in others. Know your cat and read the ingredients before buying the dry cat food. 

The source of protein is important as it is proteins that cause an allergic reaction. The cat food specifies the source of protein and its amount. Read the label; avoid foods that trigger allergies. 

Hydrolyzed – the best dry cat food for allergies will have hydrolyzed proteins. These proteins are broken down into constituent amino acids – the building blocks of proteins. The process is somewhat like the digestion of protein in the alimentary canal. Here the proteins react with gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid. This partially pre-digested dry food prevents allergic reactions in your cat.

In conclusion, cats like humans may be allergic to anything. Thus, it is wise to apply the elimination process. Certain ingredients can be added or removed from the diet. Monitor the pet for any adverse reactions such as itching, sneezing, irritability, digestive problems. If you see an adverse reaction; remove the ingredient.

Mature cats do not enzymes for dairy products which are a common cause of allergies. Fillers and grains such as corn may cause allergies. Fatty tissue not served to humans is used to make cat food. This may trigger allergy besides some seafood.

As the best dry cat food for allergies is whetted by veterinarians, they are the safest for your cat.

7 Best Steel Tip Dart Models

Darts is a game created in medieval England. It is a distraction that helped bored English soldiers pass the time. The activity, however, evolved into a sport and with it came a lot of changes. 

Rules got developed to bring sanity. Gamers also shifted from using wine barrel targets to focusing on electronic dartboards. In short, darting is now a fun-filled event. It is something you can do in the confines of your home or local bar. More so, it accommodates players of all ages. 

But what is the secret to winning in the end? You must first think about choosing the best steel tip darts and then practice seriously.

Gear Needed for Darting

4 steel tip dart models

Most beginners do not know how to get into the business. They run for cheap accessories in the name of saving money. However, it is by appreciating the benefits of buying the right equipment that you gain.

  • Dartboard
  • Pair of darts
  • Protective pad
  • Darts mat
  • Sharpening stone
  • Darts case
  • Shaft ring

A dartboard offers a soft target for the arrows you throw. Protective padding then protects the surrounding wall from damage. Recall, not even the gurus are accurate in striking the mark. They will sometimes miss it. The stray arrows, if left unattended, cause significant damage to walls. 

You also need a dart mat. The mat shows the perfect distance for making a shot. It is the place you should stand on when playing. Besides, you require a sharpening stone. Such an accessory helps you revitalize blunt arrowheads, particularly those made from steel fragments.

A dart case also comes in handy during transport. Last, you require a shaft ring to prevent the dart’s grip from becoming loose after long-term use. Finding the right piece is, however, a pain in the neck. You might spend a fortune on low-quality products, something that has a ripple effect on your finances. Buying the perfect steel tip darts is, thus, non-negotiable.

Top-dollar Brands to Invest in

Money is never an issue when spent well. Market crowding, however, makes rational thinking hard. You may fall for substandard goods, more reason for you to buy the items outlined below to get real value for cash.

steel tip darts amazon

1. The Customizable and Configurable 6 Dart Set

It is one of the cheapest arrow sets you will ever own. The piece retails at twenty-five dollars or less and comes equipped with barrels, shafts, and flights of different shapes and sizes. The customizable bundle is also easy to install, thus, ideal for beginners. It is the ultimate companion for anyone looking for power, accuracy, and performance.

2. Fat Cat Bulletz Steel Tip Dart

Are you looking for the perfect upgrade? The Fat Cat Bullets Steel-tip dart is the most versatile and resilient gear you can get your hands on. You by sparing forty dollars alone, gain access to a weightless arrow fitted with curved nylon shafts that improve handling. The device also has deep grooves and rings that increase grip. You can never go wrong on this one!

3. The King Cobra Strikes Darts

steel tip dart set

The model bears a viper-like resemblance because of the brass knurled snake grip. Such a handle improves handling, hence better accuracy. With an impressive balance record, the steel-tipped dart strikes targets, unlike anything you have ever seen. Efficiency, however, increases once you buy the 24-gram strike arrow.

4. The CUESOUL Tungsten Steel Tip Dart

Did you know that fifty dollars alone can buy you gold? The CUESOUL is a gem, given that it accommodates novice and veteran users. At only 30 grams of weight, the device loads evenly for easy control. Besides, it has an excellent flight record and comes enclosed in an attractive case. 

5. Viper Blitz Tungsten Steel Tip Dart

It is the most sophisticated yet simple to use dart in the world. The arrow is perfect for professionals because of its design and performance. Viper Blitz, unlike other darts, revolves when in flight. The rotational movements propel the device forwards, forcing the arrowhead to strike the target fast. You no longer have to worry about bounce outs when working with this brand.

6. The Widdy Classic American Style Steel Tip Dart

steel tip dart boards

The American-made dart has a wooden, torpedo-like handle that makes propulsion easy. Within the wooden grip is a protruding steel section that provides balance to the device. Widdy also gets fitted with three original turkey feather flight pieces that help with arrow aerodynamics. 

7. Harrow Wolfram Darts

Harrow Wolfram darts feel great when held by hand. Their evenly-shaped barrels get made using tungsten, a light-weight, and durable material. The arrows are also coated using titanium nitride to enhance durability. They also have a perfect grip. 


Darting is a game everyone should embrace. According to this guide, the best darts improve function and handling. They even encourage beginners to play. You, therefore, have no choice other than to compete against the best in the business.

But always remember, patience pays in this line of work!

Best Pillow Top Mattress

There are many different mattresses that you can purchase. Especially if you are looking for comfort and to have a great night rest. However, many people are preferring to purchase a pillow top mattress to add to their mattress. There are many different reasons why people are adding this top mattress to their mattress.

However, before you can decide that this is something that you can consider, you need to make sure that you know what a pillow top mattress is, and you need to know if this is something that you want to add to your mattress or not. And, then you need to make sure that you purchase the best one for getting the best results. This is everything you need to know about the best pillow top mattress.

Pillow Top Mattress Explained

If you have slept at a hotel before and find that this was the best comfort you had in a long time, then you probably slept on a mattress with a pillow top mattress.

A pillow top mattress is basically a top layer that you are adding on top of the mattress. It is giving you the feeling that you are sleeping on a cloud. This is if you are purchasing a high-quality top pillow mattress. It is made with the same inner as most pillows, this is why it is called a pillow top mattress.

The Benefits of Having a Pillow Top Mattress

There are many benefits of having a pillow top mattress on top of your mattress. However, the most important benefit is a comfort. This is adding a layer of comfort to your mattress. It means that you are basically adding luxury to your ordinary mattress.

And, if you already have a luxurious and expensive mattress, the top mattress is going to make it even better and more comfortable. It gives support to back and neck pain and gives overall support to your body, that a normal mattress won’t give.

Problems That You Might Have With a Pillow Top Mattress

There is one major problem and drawback about the pillow top mattress. This is a really expensive thing to purchase. It is a lot more expensive than what many people might think. And, it doesn’t have the long lifespan as what you might think.

Even a good quality pillow top mattress needs to be replaced within a couple of years. If you are lucky you can use your top mattress for about 5 to 6 years before you need to replace it. You will feel that the top mattress isn’t as soft as what it was before.

Guide in Buying the Best Pillow Top Mattress

If you are considering purchasing a pillow top mattress, you need to make sure that you are getting value for money. With this guide, you will know for sure that you are purchasing the best top mattress that will ensure luxury and comfort.

  • The first thing that you should consider is the quality of the pillow top mattress. You can test the top mattress for the quality, or you can search online to see what other people think about the mattress and its quality. You can also see the quality of the material that the mattress is made of.
  • The features. What features does the top mattress have? Are there any special features that you need to look for, like support? Or, are the features normal features that you will find with any top mattress?
  • The price. This is the most important thing to consider. In general, the pillow-top mattresses are really expensive. So, if you are seeing one that is a lot cheaper than the rest, then you need to reconsider. Remember that you are getting what you are paying for.
  • You should consider reading as many reviews as possible about the different pillow tops before you make your final decision. This is because the reviews will give you an indication about what other people are saying about the different top mattresses that you can purchase. The more reviews you are reading, the easier the decision will be.

Some of the Best Pillow Top Mattresses That You Can Purchase

These are some of the best pillow top mattresses that you can purchase if you are looking for pillow-top mattresses that are high in quality, durable, comfortable and that will give you value for money.

  • Dreamfoam Bedding Crazy Quilt
  • Classic Brands Pillow-Top
  • Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Super
  • Simmons Beautyrest Silver
  • Sealy Posturpedic Response

Even those that have an ordinary mattress can sleep like a king. This is thanks to the pillow top mattress. There are many different types of top mattresses that you can purchase, and you need to make sure that you know which one to purchase.

But before you can purchase one, you should get to know what a pillow top mattress is, the benefits and some problems that you can expect. Then, you will know for sure that you are going to sleep comfortably and in luxury.

5 Pro Tips on Setting up a Hennessy Hammock

A hammock is a simple piece of equipment that makes any hiking expedition great. The device protects you from the elements of weather. It also shields you from spiders, snakes, and scorpions that roam on the forest floor. Propping the platform, however, is a much more significant challenge. It takes an experienced person to install a Hennessy hammock.

So, What is a Hennessy Hammock?

The Hennessy Hammock is a masterpiece that took fifty models and six years of beta-testing to perfect. It is also an artificial shelter system that comes in five different lengths. The woven platform is durable and lightweight enough to carry around, given that it is a product made from quality materials and uncompromising artistry.

So extraordinary is the Hennessy that it has headlined explorer expeditions in the Amazon, Nile, Arctic, and Congo Rivers for years. You can never go wrong when you buy this specific outdoor sleeping platform.

how to set up a hennessy hammock

Why Buy the Hammock?

You might get spoiled for choice with the over a dozen hammock options on display. But what makes you settle for the Hennessy? The Hammock is:

  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight, hence portable
  • Bug resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • trendy

Covered by a warranty, the Hennessy Hammock is the best option to choose. Above all, the platform is ideal for the environment. It protects the undergrowth from destruction. Remember, you do not have to sleep on the forest floor when you have such a hammock with you.

Pro Installation Tips

Installing the Hennessy is hard for any beginner. The tricks outlined below, however, make installation seem so natural. You perfect the art with time.

Familiarize Yourself With the Different Components

A Hennessy Hammock uses several components to function. The device uses a suspension kit, ridgeline, and rain fly. Anyway, Hennessy’s suspension system differs from anchors used in other hammock varieties.

The platform uses a polyester suspension system for propping. You, therefore, do not have to use a clip or carabiner during set up. Instead, you need to tie a knot at the end of the polyester cord.

The Big Wrap

It is more than likely you will spend the night under a tree after a long hike. Armed with the Hennessy Hammock, there is only one thing left to do – propping. You must hoist the platform above the ground, and between two trees.

The straps you bought come in handy. You only have to wrap the strap around the first tree and leave enough cord to tie around the second stamp. Anyhow, you must leave an allowance for hammock placement.

how to set up a hennessy hammock

Tight or Not?

The tied cord only provides a foundation for hammock placement. Next, you must figure out how loose or tight the lines should be. This step teaches you how to set up a hammock as you please. Recall, you are the only one who can determine your height and angle of comfort. Using a hitch, therefore, allows you to place the hammock right.

Installing the Bug Net

Sleeping in the deep forest is exciting. But you may never find a good night’s rest because of bugs, and forests have plenty of these. The best hammock bug net, however, saves you from such a trauma. It shields you from the nasty, disease-causing mosquitoes.

How do you prop your net? Pegs do a splendid job on this one. They hold the net and guy lines together, leading to a neat finish. You may use as many pins as you want to complete the task.

Rain Fly Set Up

how to set up a hennessy hammock

Ever been to a rainforest before? You can never predict when the thunder will storm. Using a rainfly, therefore, becomes a real deal saver. The device protects you from falling debris, snow, and raindrops. But how best the component serves you all depends on the installation technique you use.

Veterans recommend that you interlock the rain fly’s clips onto the prusik knots. Prusik knots are easy to spot on the hammock’s suspension cord. Further on, you must tighten the rain fly. Pulling the knots in opposite directions yields the desired results.

Finally, you must peg the guylines down. Anchoring the lines to the ground gives the rain fly its desired shape. Also, propping prevents the whole structure from falling on you.


The Hennessy Hammock is a device created from years of engineering. It comes from a line of five prototypes, hence its uniqueness. Setting the hammock up, however, might be a significant challenge to the average Joe.

It might even take you a few lessons to master how to install this specific variant. But that should not scare you. Following the tips outlined above guarantees you of a quick win. The only secret to success lies in how best you stick to the rules of the game. 

What to Do With an Old Mattress

It is recommended that you purchase a new mattress so now and then. However, the question that we are getting all the time is what should you do with the old mattress. You can’t just throw it in the dustbin. Or, give it to someone, because this is an old bed. What to do with that old mattress.

The truth is that there are actually a couple of things that you can do with that old mattress. Things that can be still useful to someone else. Or, just something practical to get rid of the mattress that is in your way. These are some ways about the things that you can do with your old mattress.

When Should You Replace Your Old Mattress?

It is important to know when you should replace your old mattress. When it is time to purchase a new mattress. Many people think that the mattress should be really worn out before you need to replace your mattress.

However, this isn’t the truth. You need to replace your mattress between 5 and 10 years. It depends on the quality of the bed. If you have purchased a high-quality bed, then you need to replace the mattress only after 10 years. If the mattress is low in quality and you have purchased a cheap mattress, you should replace it between 5 and 7 years. This is the best way to know that your mattress is giving you the best night rest.

The one thing that you should remember is that having a quality bed is essential. If not, you can start to have some serious health problems. Especially with your back.

Recycle Your Old Mattress

What can you do with the old mattress? You can just store it somewhere in your home. It takes up way too much space.

Did you know that there are companies that are looking for old mattresses? That is purchasing and recycling old mattresses? This is a great way to get rid of the mattress without any effort from your part. The only thing that you should do, is to make sure that you know who to phone. This might be the hardest part because there aren’t any of these companies.

Donate Your Mattress if It is Still Usable

If the mattress is still in a really good condition, and you don’t want to just throw it away, there is another thing that you can do with it. You can donate it to someone in need. If someone doesn’t have anything, having a secondhand bed that isn’t good enough for you anymore, is the best thing that can happen to them.

Or, you can give it to an institution that is handling cases and people that are struggling and that might need the bed more. You will be surprised about how many people will actually want to have your old mattress. Just keep in mind that the mattress should still be in a reasonable condition for a human being to sleep on.

Dissemble the Mattress and Use the Parts

what to do with an old mattress near me

If you are a creative person, or if you repair different things at home, this can be a great option. You can disassemble the mattress and use the parts. There are lots of parts in the mattress that can be reusable. Especially to someone creative or a handyman.

Or, you can give the mattress to someone that you know can disassemble the mattress and use the parts as well. The springs alone in the mattress is really great to use for other projects.

Give to pet rescue centers

Another great option, one that not many people think about, is to give it to a pet rescue center. The mattress might not be good enough for humans anymore, but it will be heaven for a dog or cat that needs to sleep in a cold cage at night. Having something warm to sleep on, might just be a lifesaver for them.

We tend to forget about pet rescue centers and that the pets are mostly sleeping outside in cages. And, that it can get really cold during the winter months. With an old mattress, that isn’t of use to you, will give warmth to a pet that is cold and freezing outside.

You are considering replacing your old mattress. However, you just don’t know what to do with the old mattress when you replaced it with the new one. With our tips, you will now have a couple of ideas about what to do with that old mattress. Donating it to someone else, if it is still in a good condition is the best thing that you can do for someone in need. Or, giving it to a pet shelter where the pets need to sleep on the cold, hard floor will let you and them sleep better at night.

Pop up Camping Tent

Pop up tents are convenient for camping since they reduce the complexity of pitching up traditional tents. These tents provide set up convenience and they are also portable. Whether you are using recreational vehicle or backpacking, a pop up camping tent is suitable for the purpose.

However, good as it may sound, it can also be noted that pop up tents have their own drawbacks as discussed below. Therefore, when you want to buy this particular product, you must also consider these factors that can impact on your camping experience.  

Advantages of Pop-up Tents

Pop up tents are easy to set up as the name suggests since they instantly open and your shelter is ready. The setup process is effortless compared to traditional tents. These types of tents are also lightweight and portable which means that they are suitable for backpacking.

Pop up tents are affordable and they are easy to store since they do not require a lot of space. The tents are also versatile in that you can set them anywhere and you do not need additional poles for support. The tents are also designed for summer weather and they give you the much-needed protection against ultraviolet rays from the sun.

pop up camping tent trailer

Cons of Pop-up Tents

The major downside of a pop-up tent is that it consists of limited space and can only accommodate few people. The tent is also ideal for summer season since it cannot sustain gusty winds due to its light material. A pop-up tent is not a good thing to use when it is raining because its material cannot sustain harsh weather conditions.

The other issue with a pop up tent is that it is difficult to pull down. While setting up is easy, you need to be careful to take it down since you may damage it if you are not patients enough. The pop up tents also have limited features unlike conventional tents. You need to read the instruction manual if you want to carefully pull down the tent without damaging it.

Therefore, apart from these factors, there are also other things that you need to take into account when you want to buy this particular product.

Size and Headroom

Many pop up tents are small and they can accommodate up to a maximum of four people. If you are going for camping and you are above this number, then a pop up tent cannot be an ideal shelter for you. The other issue is that a popup tent does not have sufficient headroom. You cannot stand or walk inside this tent. The tents are designed for sitting and sleeping positions so do not expect much from such products.

Check the Construction Material

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You must check if the material used in the construction of the pop-up tent is lightweight for easy backpacking. Usually, the material is polyester fabric or nylon which is lightweight and easy to set up. You must also try to get tents with an additional coating to offer you protection when it rains.

Many pop up tents use aluminum and fiber glass to provide stability against wind while at the same time offering a lightweight design. If you are backpacking, then a pop-up tent is the ideal temporary shelter that you can consider since you can use it in any place.

On top of that, you must also consider the aspect of durability of the tent. Your pop-up tent is always exposed to various weather elements so you must make sure that you choose material that is strong. It is also wise to choose a tent that is heat resistant to ensure that you can enjoy your camping when the weather is bad.


Many pop-up tents have smaller designs and are meant for summer weather but you should always remember that air circulation is a critical factor. When you buy this particular product, make sure that it has windows to improve the circulation of air. Limited ventilation can affect your breathing patterns. When the tent has good ventilation, its stability also increases.


You must always take into account the cost factor when you intend to buy a pop up tent. When you list the features that you want from the tent, then you can work with your budget to get the right product that will satisfy your needs. You should always get an alternative when your budget is not sufficient to get the desired product.

You should also remember that the best pop-up tent will certainly come at a high price. On the other hand, a cheaper tent usually comes with poor quality and it might not impress you in the long run. All the same, you can make a pop-up tent your companion since it is convenient in that it takes a matter of about two minutes to set up.

How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent?

The happy camping experience is when you are comfortable and enjoy warmth in your tent even if the weather is cold outside. When you find yourself camping in an environment that is characterized by freezing temperatures, there are different things that you can do to stay warm camping in a tent. 

Get a Four Season Sleeping Bag

There is nothing irritating as failing to sleep at night due to freezing temperatures. However, you can still enjoy a comfortable night that is characterized by sufficient warmth if you have the right products to use. For instance, you need a three season sleeping bag and you can enjoy your camping experience despite the low temperature.

Even when the temperature is freezing, you do not need a layer of blankets and duvets to keep you warm. With a three or four season sleeping bag, you are home and dry. The product is designed to keep you warm at night. However, you need to avoid getting too warm in case you may end up sweating. An insulated sleeting bag can trap your perspiration and it ends up being making you feel cold.  

You should also carry a hot water stainless steel bottle that you can go to bed with so you keep yourself warm. You should make sure that you use this hot water bottle in your blankets so that he heat does not escape. You must keep the bottle insulated when not in use so that it does not lose its heat.  

Wear the Right Bed Clothes at Night

how to stay warm while camping in a tent

You should always make it a rule to wear warm clothing before sleeping when you are camping in a cold environment. Fleece pajamas a warm and you can also use a top with a hood to make your body as warm as possible. It is also crucial to wear woolen socks before you sleep so that you do not feel cold. You should also carry your gloves so that you cover your body as much as possible.

As s golden rule, you should also make sure that you do not go to bed feeling cold. Make sure that you get at least a cup of hot tea or coffee before you sleep to boost up your body temperature. You can also try some form of exercises before you go to bed to increase the temperature of your body.

When already in bed and you realize that the temperature outside is dropping, never wait until you get cold. You can add another layer on top so that you are cushioned from the freezing temperature outside. It is always good to do your research first and get a sleeping bag that traps heat so that it remains warm once you sleep.

You should also make sure that you insulate the floor of the tent with rags so that you do not step directly on the tent material with bare feet. Make sure that all the air spaces on your tent are sealed to keep the interior of the tent warm.  

Use the Right Size of Tent

Use the Right Size of Tent

It is crucial that you choose the right size of tent when you go for camping in cold weather. It defies logic to use a big tent especially when you are single or just a couple. The larger space will remain cooler compared to a smaller tent that can provide the warmth you need at night.

You must also try to get a canvas or poly cotton tent since these materials are effective in minimizing heat loss at night.

The other option that you can consider is to use a portable gas heater to keep your tent warm. However, this option comes with a lot of risks should you decide to use it. A gas heater is dangerous and it should not be used in an enclosed tent with poor ventilation.

You should also make sure that you do not use the gas heater unattended. If you are tempted to use a portable gas heater, then make sure that you carefully follow all the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid risks of fire. To be safe, it is rather better to carry additional blankets that to use a heater since anything can happen.   

Know the Weather

Know the Weather when tent camping

Before you set out to go for camping, another golden rule that you should follow is to check the weather forecast for the place that you will be going. You must research the recent trends in the weather patterns so that you can carry the right gear.

It is essential to keep your body warm by eating the right kind of food. For instance, high calories in the form of carbohydrates help to increase metabolism which keeps the body warm. You can also go for fats and sugars since they help to improve body warmth.

How Long Does Prosciutto Last

A prosciutto is a form of ham that usually goes along with special holidays and other related holidays. For instance, ham is a special delicacy that popular during special holidays like Christmas. Some people love this kind of ham even if there is no special occasion.

However, prosciutto has a limited time frame when you should consume it before it goes bad. Just like other types of delicacies, this kind of ham should be consumed before its expiry date. The lifespan of prosciutto differs depending on a particular type. You need to know the period that your preferred ham lasts.

how long does prosciutto last in the fridge after opening

There are different types of prosciutto hams and some have a sweet taste while others can be salty. The test of the ham usually depends on how the meat was prepared. You may not be able to determine the quality of the meat during the early stages of the ham but you can test its edibility over time.

Different types of hams undergo various stages to ensure quality and strict regulations so that they are safe for consumption. Hams can lead to serious illnesses if safety precautions are not properly followed during their manufacturing process. You should know how long the different types of ham are edible before consuming them.

The chart below shows the period your ham can last before or after opening it.

Type of HamRefrigerated Frozen
Cured ham (uncooked) 5- 7 days 3 to 4 months
Cured ham (cooked) 2 to 3 months One month
Country Ham 2 to 3 months One month
Luncheon meat ham (unopened) Two weeks 1 to 2 months
Cooked ham, vacuum sealed, updated & unopened 2 weeks 1 to 2 months
Luncheon meat ham (opened)  3 to 5 days 1 to 2 months
Cooked ham, whole store wrapped 7 days 1 to 2 months
Canned ham with label keep refrigerated 7 days 1 to 2 months
Cooked ham slices 3 to 5 days 1 to 2 months
Cooked ham, vacuum sealed, dated, unopened Use by date 1 to 2 months

How to Determine if Prosciutto Is Still Okay?

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You can use the following tips to determine whether your ham is still edible or not. The pre-sliced prosciutto usually expires between 90 and 120 days. Each container of ham comes with expiration date which should guide you if it is still right or not. Any ham that has passed its expiration is not safe for consumption.

The color of the prosciutto can also help you to determine if it is right or bad. The fat of the meat should have a white or pale ivory color and you must also see a reddish-pink color. Any color that can be gray, green or blue means the ham is bad. When the color of the meat begins to fade, it means that it is getting bad so you should not eat it.  

You can also smell the meat for freshness to determine if it is still right. The meat should odorless if it is still okay for consumption. Sour odors show that the meat is no longer fresh and not safe for consumption. You can also feel the meat with your hands to check if it is right. The meat should be slightly moist or feel dry but never slippery.

How to Choose the Best Prosciutto?

The fundamental thing that you should do is to check the label when shopping for prosciutto. It can take between 90 and 120 days before its expiration date. You can eat prosciutto in its raw state or you can add pasta or risotto. You should add the ham at the last stage of the cooking process so you do not destroy the flavor.

You can either refrigerate or keep the prosciutto frozen but always make sure to eat it before its expiration date. Once opened, make sure you consume the ham in about two days. When you do not want to consume it raw, then you can cook it while at the same time adding it to your preferred recipes as an ingredient.

how long does prosciutto last out of the fridge

As a quick tip, you can avoid freezing the prosciutto if you want to eat it at a later period. Freezing can affect its taste in the long run but you can refrigerate it as given on the storage instructions. As long as the ham is unopened, then you can keep it for months in the fridge. 

You must make an effort to look for pink meat clean fat streaks that are white and distributed evenly across the slices. Products that feel moist may not be good to purchase.

If you want to improve the taste of the prosciutto, you can try the other method of candying it. You can add sweet and salty ingredients that combine well with the goodness of Italian cured meat.