How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent?

The happy camping experience is when you are comfortable and enjoy warmth in your tent even if the weather is cold outside. When you find yourself camping in an environment that is characterized by freezing temperatures, there are different things that you can do to stay warm camping in a tent. 

Get a Four Season Sleeping Bag

There is nothing irritating as failing to sleep at night due to freezing temperatures. However, you can still enjoy a comfortable night that is characterized by sufficient warmth if you have the right products to use. For instance, you need a three season sleeping bag and you can enjoy your camping experience despite the low temperature.

Even when the temperature is freezing, you do not need a layer of blankets and duvets to keep you warm. With a three or four season sleeping bag, you are home and dry. The product is designed to keep you warm at night. However, you need to avoid getting too warm in case you may end up sweating. An insulated sleeting bag can trap your perspiration and it ends up being making you feel cold.  

You should also carry a hot water stainless steel bottle that you can go to bed with so you keep yourself warm. You should make sure that you use this hot water bottle in your blankets so that he heat does not escape. You must keep the bottle insulated when not in use so that it does not lose its heat.  

Wear the Right Bed Clothes at Night

how to stay warm while camping in a tent

You should always make it a rule to wear warm clothing before sleeping when you are camping in a cold environment. Fleece pajamas a warm and you can also use a top with a hood to make your body as warm as possible. It is also crucial to wear woolen socks before you sleep so that you do not feel cold. You should also carry your gloves so that you cover your body as much as possible.

As s golden rule, you should also make sure that you do not go to bed feeling cold. Make sure that you get at least a cup of hot tea or coffee before you sleep to boost up your body temperature. You can also try some form of exercises before you go to bed to increase the temperature of your body.

When already in bed and you realize that the temperature outside is dropping, never wait until you get cold. You can add another layer on top so that you are cushioned from the freezing temperature outside. It is always good to do your research first and get a sleeping bag that traps heat so that it remains warm once you sleep.

You should also make sure that you insulate the floor of the tent with rags so that you do not step directly on the tent material with bare feet. Make sure that all the air spaces on your tent are sealed to keep the interior of the tent warm.  

Use the Right Size of Tent

Use the Right Size of Tent

It is crucial that you choose the right size of tent when you go for camping in cold weather. It defies logic to use a big tent especially when you are single or just a couple. The larger space will remain cooler compared to a smaller tent that can provide the warmth you need at night.

You must also try to get a canvas or poly cotton tent since these materials are effective in minimizing heat loss at night.

The other option that you can consider is to use a portable gas heater to keep your tent warm. However, this option comes with a lot of risks should you decide to use it. A gas heater is dangerous and it should not be used in an enclosed tent with poor ventilation.

You should also make sure that you do not use the gas heater unattended. If you are tempted to use a portable gas heater, then make sure that you carefully follow all the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid risks of fire. To be safe, it is rather better to carry additional blankets that to use a heater since anything can happen.   

Know the Weather

Know the Weather when tent camping

Before you set out to go for camping, another golden rule that you should follow is to check the weather forecast for the place that you will be going. You must research the recent trends in the weather patterns so that you can carry the right gear.

It is essential to keep your body warm by eating the right kind of food. For instance, high calories in the form of carbohydrates help to increase metabolism which keeps the body warm. You can also go for fats and sugars since they help to improve body warmth.

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