Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies

An allergy is a reaction of an organism’s immune system to a foreign substance. The organism’s body produces a hypersensitive reaction when the substance enters or comes in contact with its body. The substance causing the allergy is called an allergen. It may be pollen, food, pet dander, mites, dust, certain chemicals, etc. 

Animals such as horses, dogs, and cats develop allergies. There are three categories of allergies for animals – fleas, food and the environment. The best dry cat food for allergies avert these hypersensitive reactions easing your kitties and your life. 

Protect Your Cats from Allergies

Like every living organism, your cat is susceptible to certain substances. The cat’s body produces certain symptoms while it is trying to get rid of those allergens. These symptoms may manifest as allergic dermatitis, sneezing, runny nose, diarrhea, inflamed throat, paw chewing, swollen or over-sensitive paws, etc. You can protect your cat from these three categories of allergies. 

Flea allergies due to fleas and flea-control products. 

Environmental allergies produce atopic dermatitis. Substances like colognes and perfumes, prescription drugs, household cleaning products, cat litters, etc. As your cat ranges around the neighbourhood it will be exposed to mold, plants, grass, pollen and other organic substances, too. 

Food allergies due to certain proteins, dairy, corn, fillers, etc. The best dry cat food for allergies ensures that your pet does not have to suffer. 

The Benefit of the Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies

Hypoallergenic dry cat foods are made of hydrolyzed proteins. Hydrolyzed proteins are partially broken down for the cat to digest easily. These hydrolyzed proteins do not produce an allergic reaction as the cat’s immune system does not recognize the protein. 

Immune responses are evoked when a protein’s binding site combines with the immuno-receptor sites. This receptor site on the cat’s WBCs may recognize this as a foreign protein or substance to trigger an allergic reaction. 

When cooked or treated with hydrolytic enzymes these binding sites are destroyed and the large molecule is broken down to easily digestible molecules of amino acids. Thus, there is no allergic response.

Who Should Buy Dry Cat Food for Allergies?

The best dry cat food for allergies is hypoallergenic. These may cost more than the regular cat food this is because the manufacturers have to process the food to eliminate the allergens. 

It is good to know about the best dry cat food for allergies as your kitty may suddenly develop symptoms. These symptoms develop due to exposure to certain conditions. You should remove these conditions and feed the cat a hypoallergenic diet to ease the discomfort. 

Some pet parents chose to feed their cats the best dry cat food for allergies to avoid exposure to these allergens. As cats are Obligate Carnivores, i.e., their food should contain meat. The prime ingredient in cat food should be meat. 

It may be a duck, turkey, white fish, etc. The other ingredients may be omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, eggs, whole foods such as flaxseed, carrots, peas, etc. The food does not contain fillers, grains, or other dairy products.

Important Features on Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies

When picking cat food consider these factors.

Dry foods are not messy. You can store them anywhere and serve them anywhere. But if you using dry cat food ensure your cat remains hydrated. If it is dehydrated health issues with the urinary tract – a common feline health issue – may crop up.

Felines Preference – Keep your cat’s preference in mind. As the cat’s natural food is moist. Your pet may not want dry food. Natural food meets its nutritional needs while keeping it hydrated. You could use dry food as a supplement for the cat to chew on.

Ingredients – Some ingredients may trigger an adverse immune response in some cats while not in others. Know your cat and read the ingredients before buying the dry cat food. 

The source of protein is important as it is proteins that cause an allergic reaction. The cat food specifies the source of protein and its amount. Read the label; avoid foods that trigger allergies. 

Hydrolyzed – the best dry cat food for allergies will have hydrolyzed proteins. These proteins are broken down into constituent amino acids – the building blocks of proteins. The process is somewhat like the digestion of protein in the alimentary canal. Here the proteins react with gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid. This partially pre-digested dry food prevents allergic reactions in your cat.

In conclusion, cats like humans may be allergic to anything. Thus, it is wise to apply the elimination process. Certain ingredients can be added or removed from the diet. Monitor the pet for any adverse reactions such as itching, sneezing, irritability, digestive problems. If you see an adverse reaction; remove the ingredient.

Mature cats do not enzymes for dairy products which are a common cause of allergies. Fillers and grains such as corn may cause allergies. Fatty tissue not served to humans is used to make cat food. This may trigger allergy besides some seafood.

As the best dry cat food for allergies is whetted by veterinarians, they are the safest for your cat.

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